We love hunting Boar for many reasons. It can take you to some remote and beautiful places in the Australian outback where you can soak in the Australian landscape, breathe in the fresh country air and get up close to various types of nature wildlife that most people only get to see on TV or in a zoo.

For us however, the biggest thrill is working with our dogs, watching the young dogs come on, learning off the older dogs, and turning into top grade working dogs, that we are proud of.

Our apprenticeship started in the late 80s in and around the pine forests of Lithgow and Goulburn.

This type of pighunting taught us the value of a good ute finder, as you will run out of fuel driving around trying to catch a boar without one in that country.

One of my favourite moments, still is when the pigdogs fly off the ute into the darkness, after catching the scent of a good boar on the breeze. Back in those days we would head out west several times a year to places like Pilliga, Maquarie Marshes, Nyngan or Bourke and catch 30 or 40 good wild pigs in a weekend, or we would head out to the wheat farms for 10 to 20 fast action racing boars flying off the stubble paddocks.

The draught has affected the number and size of these pigs but hopefully, over time, the numbers of good big boars will be back again.

Now we hunt wildboars all over, chasing the work for our young dogs, we hunt the hills of New England, wheat fields, channel country, the gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York.

Hunting all these differing types of Country has helped us mould our dogs into a type that can be successful in all terrains and climate.

The Australian pigdog is one of the few dogs in the world that is bred purely to do a job, and a tough one at that.

Most breeds are bred to a breed standard and must merely look pretty and run around a ring in front of a judge to be called a good dog worthy of reproducing, however, the Australian Boardog must pass a much higher criteria. The dog must prove their intelligence, tracking and scenting ability, speed, stamina and courage just to be considered a handy dog.

Our goal is to continue to consistantly breed dogs capable of finding then holding 100 Kg plus boars, one out. We are having great success, and all the time enjoying all the fun our adventures have brought us.

We would encourage anyone to get involved with this great sport, as the Bloom Brothers say "It's time to get Amongst it".

Craig and Greg Bloom

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