Our Dogs

3/4 Wolfhound and 1/4 Bullmastiff X Pitbull. 8 1/2 years. Grim finds off a ute, picks a mob and loves catching big boars, he is our best dog on the ground, and best holder. He is the sire of all our young dogs.
Retired, except for when we walk creek beds. Still the best on the ground.

Bully / Stag X Pit / Dane. 8 years, 39 Kg. Our best finding dog off the ute, he has incredible prey drive. A very hard worker, he however knows he is good and so acts like a rock star sometimes.
Retired and siring fast pups with huge work drive.

Bully / Stag X Pit / Dane. 7 1/2 years, 39 Kg. Good ute finder, good on the ground, hard worker, picks a mob, holds good boars one out. Mother of Rip.
Retired after massive operation to remove cancer.

Grim X Jet. 2 1/2 years, 40 Kg. Works hard day in, day out, very fast,picked mobs from an early age, held 117 Kg Boar one our at 15 months. Good finder on the ground.
At 3yrs old he catches everything he sees, rarely does anything get away, and flies off the ute at night taking over the job from the old dogs. Good resistance to the heat and humidity in the Cape and Gulf. With just Rip on the ute he has tallied up loads of boars, quickly recovering after each one to back up on the next.

Grim X Dane. 15 months, 47 Kg. Held his first 60 Kg boar at 8 months, held 102 Kg one out at 14months. Still learning the trade, however, he is a fast learner. We have high hopes for him.
At 2yrs old he is like a boar seeking missile, he mows them down and hits them at top speed, they cant run or hide, with the amount of sight work he has done he is really taken to ute finding .Hunts all day up the Cape and Gulf catching boar after boar, one out.

Grim X Dane. 15 months, 52 Kg. Powerhouse holder, big, fast and very hard working. Still learning the trade.
Bosch died of heat exhaustion last year.

Grim X Dane. 15 months, 50 Kg. Black is Doze's brother. Becoming a good holder, keen at the back of the ute and working his way into the team well.


Bully / Cattle / Boxer X Bully / Greyhound, 28 - 32 Kg working weight.







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