DVD - Doggin' Boars 2

DVD - Doggin' Boars 2
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Bloom Brothers Doggin' Boars 2 by Get Amongst It Productions.
"One-on-One Huge Boars"

Huge boars, trophy tusks, snakes, scenic Australian country and smart dogs make this DVD more thrilling than the 1st.

Doze battles a huge boar one-out, but can he close the show abd earn a place in the team?

Rip goes one-on-one and gets dished up some serious air time on two different hunts.

Turbo and Jet snatch boars from the pitch black of night with some classy ute finds, in snake country.

Old Grim comes out of retirement to outsmart some crafty paperbark boars, showing the young dogs how.

Crystal clear footage showing over 47 quality boars belting it out against battle hardened dogs. Must see action!

"No Guns, No Bows, Just Dogs and Knives. Get Amongst It!"

PLEASE NOTE: Due to DVD format incompatibility, we do not supply DVDs to the UK.

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