Hey Mate, just like to say thanks for the new flexi neck collar. Arrived today, wasn’t expecting it for at least another week. Bloody awesome.
-- Rob Leyden

G'day Boys just writing to say thanks for the heads up with my bitch you gave me some advise on her hunting off the back and it has worked although i have resided myself to the fact that she isnt going to be the super dog i dreamt of although i am very happy with the two dogs have. anyway men love your work cant wait to get my hands on your 6th dvd as am getting tired of watching other try hards to what you guys are the best at.
-- Jay

Greg and Craig take their doggin' seriously and in addition to a large range of pig dogging product, including breast plates, knives, first aid kits amnd collars, they have also produced several pig dogging DVD's that are both action packed and informative. In Doggin' Boars 1,2 & 3, you'll see big boars battle it out with their hardened dogs here in Australia. In Doggin' Boars 4, the boys take their dogs to the United States to take on some huge American hogs.
These guys take their dogging to the max and in their latest release Doggin' Boars 5, Greg and brother Craig go the full hog, pardon the pun, and ship themselves and their dogs to Africa for the ultimate hunt after wart hog!. Aussie dogs verse African hogs as the boys put it, is an adventure that spans 3 hours of video viewing. You'll witness the full journey, its people and the ultimate catch, wart hogs with dogs. In this DVD you'll see Africa's harsh conditions and many of it's dangerous game as well as the ultimate catch for warthog and the African bush pig. More than just a hunting video, I enjoyed the diversity this film had to offer.
-- Tony Pizzata, from Sporting Shooters

Just want to say a huge thanks and to just to let you know got Doggin Boars 5 in the post Thursday arv and watched it that night --- LOVED IT (family nearly starved - I was glued to the TV and wasnt going to pause it to cook)
Thanks Greg - great job not only with all your movies but for your great (personal) customer service looking forward to the next DVD
-- sharon thomas

hi thanks greg for taking the time to talk to me. personally, i expected an office person not the real deal. awesome-keep it up
-- mel perry

got doggin boars 5 today and watched it and was very impressed with rip and black even tho they are almost in retirement. some parts were a bit annoyin were the warthogs went into there burrows but still loved the video. they must be fast animals to outrun rip cause that dog can motor. just wanted to say i think you have proved which hunting dog is the best hunting dog in the world no matter what anyone says. and you have really good dogs alot of people might say there dogs are better but can they prove it like you guys do. loved the video loved watchin the dogs swing off a warthog and watchin rip finally run one down after two years out of hunting congrats on another awesome video.
-- Dylan Thomas

Hello Julie and Greg, thank you for the refund, it is good to deal with people who are honest and can do business without any hassles, its been a pleasure dealing with you and your business so thankyou very much!!! i will keep your web site in mind for any future needs thankyou!!!
-- Dane Fisher

Just wanted to thank your for your DVD that is done in a fashion so that the entire family can watch. I appreciate the way you conduct yourselves while hunting. As a wife who doesn't hunt, I still watch them as they have so much additional coverage of the land. You guys do a great job combining the sport with the beauty of the bush.
-- Wendy Guningham

Thanks for that stout plate, fits him perfect. Ran with it for the whole weekend, and caught some good pigs. Peace of mind knowing he's running around with a decent plate.
-- Ryan K

Just a quick thankyou for the chest plate you made for my dog, it fits like a glove and he quickly got used to it after a couple of rodeo type jumps around the back yard. Thanks again.
-- Steve

Recieved the breast plate yesterday morning and took the dogs for a run last night, we are very impressed with the plate, have recommended them to friends and plan on buying a few more for our other dogs when we get the money.
-- Sam and Rhyce

hey guys i got the dvd yesterday i would like to say that i really enjoyed it i have watched it 3 times and gone in to town and showed my mates i liked the dvd that much my favorite part is were rip gets the boar in the water where the gator just was. i think that would of tripped out the americans because rip run past a bay and got his own hog that has the be the best part of the movie in my mind because of the way rip worked. the whole movie was good guys congrats on another top movie
-- Dylan Thomas

We are glad that you enjoyed the DVD also thanks mate for letting us know, you're a good man.
Rip made us VERY proud that day performing like that in front of our old friends that we respect so much.
-- Greg Bloom

Gday, Jus wanted 2 say thanks for the EPIC footage that shows so many kiwis the style and pace of aussie piggin. Im sure i speak for a fair few of us when i say im desperate to have a lash at some of that kinda action. keep up the awsum work and all the best to you and your fantastic k9 team. Thanks again.
-- Andrew Hill

Excellent site guys, great job busting them usa hogs to, the vid is great. keep them coming, if your down the pilliga way (Coonabarabran area) give us a call we have an 8 month old wolfhound stag mastiff who started lugging when he was just 3 months old.
-- Kirrilee

I've been meaning to let you know that we received the new DVD and that it works fine. Thanks so much.
-- Michelle

Gday lads, just wanted to thank you for the prompt and efficient delivery of my new Doggin Boars 4 Dvd's. Couldnt believe i got them so quick! Have been out of action for some time as work and finances havent permitted me to get amongst it for a few years, but the dvd's sure help to keep in touch. Hoping to get back into it very soon so will be in contact regarding chestplates. Thanks again and keep up the good work, cant wait for the next dvd. Cheers
-- Cheyne Gray

We got the video today. it got here faster then i thought it would. got to watch some of it. looks pretty good. u guys have some cool looking dogs. thanks for the fast shipping.
-- Ryan Lowe

great movie boys loved [it] so did me dad and hes pretty hard to please
-- Ben

Thanks for the quick service, we received the chestplate in the mail today.
Thanks again.
-- Sherree & Jack

Hey Bloom Bro's I received my dvd yesterday doggin'boars 4 it was awesome. I have already watched it 3 times already good to see you got a few anyway and showed them yanks a thing or too about piggin, cant wait for the next one thankyou very much............ If you you ever breed out of black I would be interested in a pup I love the look of dog.
thankyou again.
-- Mark

hey mate just watched the doggin boars 4 dvd and i have to say ya did an awesome job, great dvd fellas. cheers
-- Jason Tattersall

I got two vests off you christmas time last year and they still look new. Got some big boars in the channel country last week and not a scratch on the dogs. I wouldn't use another type of vest. Great work boys.
-- Hamish Keatley

I think the ways you guys make your movies prove that the aussie pig dog is a tough and intelligent animal.
-- Chris Nicholson

Keep up the good quality DVD's, they are far better than other fellas.
-- Shane Keech

hey cob, i have ya dvd #3 and its the pest piggen dvd i have ever seen hope to bye ya other dvds and carnt wait until #4 dvd comes out, catch ya cob
-- Billy McInnes

Greg, i got the # 3 video from Cody at Uglydog and I have to say, I have hunted bear and hog for alot of years, but this is the best I have seen.  You guys are sure crazy.  Of course, I noticed that the craziest stunts were reserved for the younger guys!  Two things I just could not get over was the swim in the lake catching the hog by the back legs, and the fact that you guys were hunting in shorts and tennis shoes in some BAD snake country!  I truly enjoyed it and I look forward to the USA hunt dvd #4 .  Is it about ready to come out?  The invitation is still open for a bear hunt over here.  Keep in touch, friend. 
-- DW Dixon, Staffordsville Kentucky USA

hey blooms, I watched all of the doggin' boars you guys are true aussie legands. i love ya dogs the magnificient aye, i cant wait till I watch ya other movie you's are making it will be a thrill to watch, I’m a big fan of huntin' big boars just like you blokes so I hope you enjoy making ya next movie
-- Corey James

I think your dvds are that great that I reackon you should make another DVD. Awsom DVDs guys. Loved them and cant stop watching them.
-- Braedyn Foran

Loved the last two DVD's but still haven't seen the first one. Hope to get a copy of the American DVD too when it comes out. Those European Boars look like fun! Anyway your DVD's are the best around and show some of the fun to be had as a hunter. Keep up the good work
-- Damo

Unbelievabe and amazing. I went on this site at 11.30am to order a tee and it arrived on my doorstep the very next day. How is that for excellent customer service, Well done
-- Gail Copping

We got our movies yesterday. Thank you so much for everything. My husband and daughter and son all hog hunt and loved the dvd's. We really appreciate the stickers and the note inside the cover. That was very nice of you. He watched them back to back last night and had everyone over to watch. Thank you again for everything!!
-- Lindy Ulrich

You guys are great I love your videos, and your dogs are amazing. Thank you
-- Josh Weidauer - Cedar Fort,Utah

hey guys, doing great on the movies got em all n love every minute of them!!! was wondering do you sell pups I like the look of Doze and was keen to see if he has got any offspring?
-- Keiran Edwards

Thankyou very much I just received the DVDs less than 20hrs after the initial order. I just watched number three and it is fantastic GREAT JOB! I will have no hesitation in referring you guys to everyone I know for purchases.
-- Luke Nelson

Hay guys, My two young sons have just started piggin and love it and can't wait to go. They have your three movies and watch them all the time they seem to be a family favourite now!!! And have proven to be boredom busters well and truly worth every cent love them great job keep up the great work guys!!!!
-- Cheers Natasha.

Does Grim give Autographs? Great Dogs and Hogs. Keep it up we love to watch. Wish we could make a trip down under to hunt with ya,
-- Izzy

I recieved all products, including the dvd and stickers, in excellent condition and was very happy with the quality of your poducts. It was a pleasure dealing with yous and thanks for the friendly communication that you provided with regards to when the product was sent and if i recieved the products.

-- Rebecca Peardon

Hey im just writing to say thats i loved the doggin boars 3 dvd. I had a week off school and I watched it about 20 times within a week. It gets me sooo excited just to sit and watch the dvd. I showed mum and at the end when you catch that big 250kg boar all she could say was "oh my god". I reckon I was on the edge of my seat through the whole movie I loved it great job guys!!
-- Gab

If you didn't get to view Doggin' Boars 1 and 2 it won't detract from your understanding and enjoyment of Doggin' Boars 3 although you have obviously missed out on some quality entertainment.....firstly and simply it's "bloody wonderful. What is so wonderful is the quality of the filming and of course the action. Our New Zealand makers of pighunting films may be a bit envious.....they spoke of "mobs of mobs", they're right, at one stage there were a hell of alot of pigs around of all sizes...the team does battle with a boar dubbed "the white rhino", it actually does look a bit like a rhino, it's big it's old it's ugly at around 150 kg by the look of it....the dog again goes one on one the only difference is the boar is as big as a HIPPO...the DVD takes you along with the action as 52 BOARS ARE CAUGHT IN ONE ON ONE COMBAT...it was bloody wonderful
-- Bob Jeffares,
Editor of New Zealand Pig Hunter Magazine

In my 14 year old sons' words "this Doggin Boar 3 is heaps mad". The prompt arrival of the DVD gained this mother heaps of "mummy points" Cheers and beers.
-- Gail Copping

You guys have great videos. My name is Russ Whitesides, and I am from Westbrook TX. I am interested in your dogs, because they are very different than the dogs we use here. We use currs (Mountain, Blackmouth, and Catahoula) to find the pigs and then pit bulls to catch or hold them. we have some pit/greyhounds and love their speed and power, but I would like to know if you have dogs available and what kind of hassle it is to get them to the states. I love your site and the scenery of Australia. You guys also seem to have hogs in a greater number than we do. Ya'lls stuff is simply amazing.
-- Russ Whitesides

Awesome video guys!!! I loved seeing some of the different scenery of Australia and some of the animals. Great work and cool dogs!
-- Josh Amos

Hey boys ive watched your dvd's hundreds of times... i think there just the best! good job and quality dogs you got there cheers
-- Michelle Tomlinson

I must congratulate you on your utmost professionalism in all aspects. The video arrived within 4 days of posting our order.The quality, colour and the sound of your dvd is 100%. Please make another video in the near future as all the family watched it. As a mother of a 14 year old who has just got into pigging, it was very educational to us. Well done
-- Gail

I have been a pig hunter sence I've been walking. I'm now 15 and have watched your DVD at least 100 times. DVD2 is a cracker! Hopefully my 2 pups will turn out that good. They were 2 great DVDs. Thanks
-- Luke Deaves

Just a quick note to let you know the DVDs I purchased arrived safely. I'm sure they will be a big hit with the hubby and kids. Thank for such an easy transaction, I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
-- Sonya

I am in my 80's, hunted all my life with dogs. Had my own line of dogs and having had my pups sold before they were born showed me I was on the right track....... I have just watched your great DVD, just the best, all action and what big solid boars with great big dog killing tusks. I really like your style of big dogs.
-- Tom Snowsill

My kids have just about worn it out, great stuff, thank you boys.
-- Ray Modisett
Creator of 7M WILD BOAR website and Pro Hunter

Good sized hogs with very impressive tusks - Doggin Boars 2 is well filmed, containing quality action. The degree of dificulty is high when trying to capture footage of the 'chase' and 'capture' when filming hunting dogs, the Bloom Brothers have done it well, this is a film that you will watch more than once.
-- Vic Attard
Creator and editor Wild Boar Magazine and long time pro hunter

Undoubtably the best dogging video I've seen to date... some of the biggest boars I've seen taken on film.
-- Tony Pizzata
National Sales Manager
Field Editor-Sporting Shooter
Bacon Busters Magazine
(Tony has been a Field Editor for over 16 years)

Mate of mine showed me the video. Sic as high speed chases, top dogs top finds, nice big boars caught. Can't wait to get back out and catch some big stinkers again myself... Good to see top working dogs in action.
-- Damian Lang

Took the DVD back to Taupo and it was the biggest hit in the whole village... they couldnt believe what they saw. Grandfathers, fathers, nephews, nieces. I left it with the family to watch.....
To tell you the truth there was no way I could've got it out of the DVD player because one family would walk in and watch it and the next family would walk in after that and rewind it and start all over. I went in the lounge about 2.30 in the morning to sneak it out and as soon as they herd the pigs stop squeelling they woke up. That was my last ditch effort.
Thanks alot everyone who provided me and my extended family the best DVD entertainment to date.
Look forward to the next one.
-- Maitk, NZ

I did not think the DVD would arrive so quickly. The video was a winner. Wicked stuff. I can appreciate you cannot show the sticking of the pig but the rest of it was great. Fair play to include other pictures of the wild life in Australia - great to see it and get a commentry about what the animals / birds were.
I recieved the DVD yesterday. Awesome hunting.. your dogs are outstanding.
-- Dave Evans

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